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Wellness Massage

Wellness massage

60 minute treatment - $111 CAD

90 minute treatment - $144 CAD

A wellness massage uses a combination of Relaxation + therapeutic techniques like myofascial and trigger point release, deep tissue and other modalities to help connect the mind and body. Through these techniques we create a holistic treatment that supports the natural healing processes of the body, & taps into the nervous system allowing for better function, overall wellness, & a deeper sense of relaxation.

Myofascial Diaphragm Release  

First appointment: 15 minute assessment + 60 minute treatment - $111 CAD

Follow up appointments: 30 minutes - $44 CAD

*once a week for 6-8 weeks is recommended for best results 

*First appointment assessment is for anyone new to this treatment.

Even if I have seen you for a wellness massage in the past

* Please dress in comfortable clothes, examples:

sports bra and yoga pants or loose fitting t-shirt and comfortable pants 

The main muscle of respiration is the diaphragm. This muscle plays a significant role in the circulatory & lymphatic systems as a flow generator. The diaphragm and its accessory muscles can become restricted + form adhesions due to improper breathing. and poor posture. A myofascial diaphragm release, begins by addressing the surrounding superficial + supporting muscles & continues by working deeper into the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing will be practiced throughout the treatment, promoting a deeper mind body connection.

Prepare yourself to feel the difference! 

Home-care & follow-up appointments are encouraged. Continued care allows us to stretch and strengthen this important muscle and its supporting muscles, to create real change.

Healthy breathing can relax the nervous system, improve sleep, reduce the effects of stress on the body by improving air and oxygen circulation, reduce muscle tension and even tension headache.


* Myofascial Release - A technique using gentle sustained pressure within the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to help eliminate pain and restore motion.

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